Steps by Nurses During and After Inhalation Therapy Procedure


Inhalation therapy procedure steps illustrated below are used by nurses during the treatment of hospitalized patient respiratory conditions when they have common colds, respiratory diseases like asthma and other conditions.



–     Nelson’s inhaler

–     Flannel cover

–     1 big bowl

–     1 big liter measure jug

–     Medicine measure

–     Hot water

–     Inhalant as prescribed (e.g. pine, friar’s balsam, menthol crystals)

–     Small tray

–     Bedside – Sputum mug


–     Prepare inhalation in the treatment room

–     Fill inhaler with boiled water to the level recommended

–     Measure and add the recommended inhalation (usually 5mls) or a few crystals)

–     Then cover the mouth of the glass with a piece of a layer of gauze.  Take inhaler in a bowel on a small tray to the client bedside.

–     Sit client up in bed supported with pillows

–     Place the tray containing the Nelson’s inhaler on the bed table

–     Instruct client to breathe in or inhale with his mouth over mouthpiece

–     Keep outlet away from the client

–     Leave for approximately 10 minutes

–     If a liter of jug is used in place of Nelson’s inhaler, fold hand towel around mouth of jug.  Then instruct client to breathe through his nose and mouth

–     Place dry bath towel over his/her head if pine or Friar’s balsam is used.

–     After the procedure removed dry the client’s with his/her face towel

NOTE:    The head should not be covered when menthol crystal is used because it irritates the eyes.



1 bed sheet

1 or 2 screens

Steam/bronchitis kettles of boiling water

Safety pins



Arrange screens round the head of the bed to form three sides of a rectangle

–     Drape bed sheets evenly offer the top

–     Allow approximately 30cm overlap in front

–     Fold corners in square and pain

–     Fasten thermometer to the inside

–     Place kettle on a stand e.g. chair at client’s bedside

–     Direct spout into sidewall of the tent

NB: The kettle must be out of reach of the client

–     It must never be overfilled.  Replenish water in the kettle at regular intervals.  When electricity kettle is used it should not be allowed to burn dry.

Requirements on a Tray:

–     Bowl with padded wooded spoon in hot water (off boil)

–     Client’s upper towel for mopping the face


–     Take tray to client’s bedside and place on bed table

–     Explain procedure to the client

–     Screen the bed

–     Sit client up in bed

–     Draw near the bed table

–     Instruct client to dip spoon in the bowl of hot water by pressing it against the side of the bowel

–     To keep his head well over the bowl and apply the spoon as near as possible to closed eye lids

–     Instruct client to continue until the water cools

–     Mop face with upper towel

–     Make client comfortable

–     Remove screens

–     Discard tray in the treatment room



–     1-2 point size jug ¾ filled with boiling water

–     Explain procedure to him

–     Sit him up on a chair bedside a table on which is placed the jug.

–     Instruct him to hold the closed affected eye over the jug, allowing the steam `to warm the lids

–     Continues for 10 minutes

–     Make client comfort

–     Discard jug




–     Maddox electric heater



–     Explain the procedure to the client

–     Screen the bed

–     Place the warm electric pad of the heater in the middle of the wool or eye pad applied to the closed by means of an eyeshade cell tape or a bondage

–     Adjust the current so that the bed becomes comfortably warm

–     Ask client if it is comfortable

–     Adjust heat as necessary (decrease if too hot or increase if he does not fell it)

–     Switch of the heater after 20 minutes

–     Remove the electric pad, but not the warm eye pad thus allowing the eye cool slowly.


Requirements on a tray:

–     Bowl of iced water (containing ice cubes)

–     Two pieces of lint large enough to cover the eye when doubled

–     Bowl containing cotton wool swabs

–     Client’s upper towel or large paper tissue



–     Take tray to client’s bedside

–     Explain the procedure to him

–     Screen the bed

–     Place the towel in position to protect the bed

–     Put the lint into the iced water

–     Bring out one piece of lint and place it over the closed eye

–     Change it with the second piece after a few minutes returning the first piece to the iced water

–     Keep up continuously for about ten minutes at a time

–     Make client comfortable

–     Remove screens

–     Discard tray in the treatment room.

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