Nursing PDA Programs – The Modern Nurse’s Companion

Modern technology has seen many changed over the years in the medical field, but it’s only recently that modern nurses are able to keep track of so much more with a Nursing PDA Program. PDA stands for Personal Data Assistant; programs that are downloaded to a palm top will allow nurses to be able to keep track of patient’s history, medical procedure, administration and related topics on pharmaceutical drugs.

Nursing PDA programs are a tremendous advantage in assisting in medical situations. With incredible storage capacity myriad databases of available information is put at nurses disposal with the touch of a palm top stylus. Student nurses and fully qualified nursing staff find the nursing PDA programs invaluable in helping them to keep truck of almost every aspect of nursing procedure.

Some of the programs available to nurses today:

Nursing procedures

Using nursing PDA program, covering nursing procedures will have at a nurses finger tips over 500 different procedures that she may be called upon to do as part of her daily duties, with detailed instructions of equipment to use, what to do in case of complications, how to fill-in documentation correctly added to that over 700 graphic representations enhance the instructions.

The Handbook of symptoms and signs

With description of over 300 common signs and symptoms this handbook is a boon to nurses, not only does it give descriptions but it indicates procedures to take during examinations, and emergency situations and how to deal with them.

Davis’s drug guide for nurses

Over 5000 drugs listed in 150 categories ensures that nurses have all the available information about pharmaceutical drugs, what they are prescribed, dosage, warnings and much more available at their disposal to ensure that they issue correct dosages for every given situation, the programs are also designed to help prevent those medical errors that occur due to human error. Plus the added advantage of being able to access information needed with speed that may be vital to an emergency situation a patient might find him or her self.

The nursing PDA program is also capable of recording patient’s history which is available to nurses on their palm tops.

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