Nurses Responsibilities During and After Blood Transfusion Process


Here are the narrated steps Nurses take during, and after drug transfusion process in medical facilities and hospitals.

  • Take a bowl and a towel with the grouping and cross matching form to the laboratory.
  • Check properly the laboratory technician on the label for the full name of the client, bed number, hospital number the blood group, the name of the donor, the expiry date and date donated. Then sign and collect the blood.
  • Take the blood to the ward and re-examine the blood with a registered Nurse to ensure that the blood is for that client before setting it up.
  • Explain the procedure to the client.
  • Follow the rules or blood transfusion.
  • Observe the vital signs of the client.
  • Client should be encouraged to empty bladder and bowel if willing.
  • Place the drips stand at the bedside of the client.
  • Set up the blood on the drip and inform the doctor.
  • Observation of the vital signs should be carried out 1 hourly during the blood transfusion and ½ hours after the blood transfusion.
  • Observe the client for any sign of blood reactions, if there is any clamp the blood and quickly inform the doctor.
  • Forty drops per minute is the usual rate prescribed for a slow transfusion. But regulate blood by the prescribed hours which the blood should run (flow).
  • A pint of blood contains 500mls of blood and about 120mls of anticoagulant is added for proper storage, 15 drops are in 1ml so the following could be an approximate drop.

One pint in 4hrs   –   Approximately 34 drops per minute.

One pint in 3hrs   –   Approximately 40 drops per minute.

One pint in 2hrs   –   Approximately 68 drops per minute.

  • Blood transfusion should never last more than 4hrs in the ward if it does the blood should not be transfused.
  • After the client must have had the blood transfusion, the container of the blood should not be discarded until after 24 hours post transfusion.
  • Remove all used equipment, wash and keep in proper place and make the client comfortable.

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