Nurses Procedure in Gastric Function Tests

This are steps or procedure taken by nurses before and after gastric function tests.


Requirements on a Tray:

Bowl of water containing Ryles tube or esophageal tube

Galipot with gauze

Kidney receiver for used gauze

1 or 2 graduated conical measures with lids

Vomit bowl

Plastic cape

Kidney receiver with Strapping



Litmus paper

50mlsof 7% alcohol in a glass.

Eleven labeled universal bottles

1 for testing juice

1 for residual juice

9 for 3/4 hour interval specimen


Starve patient overnight Pass Ryles tube

Aspirate stomach content (resting juice) Give 50mls of 7% alcohol

Withdraw specimens an hour intervals, until 9 specimen are obtained.

Give patient something to eat on completion of test.

Alcohol – Histamine Test

Patient is staved over night after a light supper Tube is passed and stomach emptied

This sample is labeled resting juice Patient then drinks 50mls of 7% alcohol

With samples taken at  ¼, ½, ¾ and 1 hour intervals.  Samples are taken 2 hours later.

Augmented Histamine Test Otherwise Known as Key’s Test

Proceed as with Alcohol – Histamine 0.05mg per kilogram of body weight, not exceeding 3.0mg and at the same time give 100mg.  Anthisan intramuscularly.  These two test are used to detect achlorhydria in pernicious Anemia.

Insulin Test Meals:

Patient is starved overnight after a light supper Tube is passed and stomach emptied.

Intravenous injection of 15 units of soluble insulin given by the doctor.  Samples of gastric juice are taken every – hour for 3 hours.

Overnight Secretion Test:

Four hours after evening meal, pass a gastric tube and empty stomach, discard this specimen.

The stomach is then continuously emptied until the next morning when the full specimen is tested.  Note down the time of collection.  Normal subjects secret up to 1Meq of free acid1hour.  Patient with duodenal ulcer generally secretes high levels cover 2Meq acid1hour.

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