Nurses Procedure During and After Tracheostomy

Nurses procedure during and after tracheosyomy, a medical process were respiratory air track are corrected by incision of the patient, when their breathing is impaired.


Requirements on A Tray:

–     Dressing bowl containing:       Jacquees/Nelation catheter suitable size that can fit into inner tube

–     Shall bowl with starlit water cleaning the catheter

–     Galipot with sodium-bicarbonate (one teaspoon to one paint of water)

–     Lotion bowl with cover containing habitant lain 250 for bred catheters – mackintosh and disposable towel

–     Instruments tray with:

–     Tracheal dilator

–     Coped Tracheotomy set of similar size to one in sit

–     Cuter tube, inner tube and introducer

–     Shall kidney dish for used gauze

–     Shall kidney receiver/dish for taking the inner tube for boiling


At Bed Side:

–     Suction apparatus to which a tubing and connector tube attached

–     Oxygen delivered though a humidifying deice for patients needing oxygen

On Bed Locker

Writing pad and pencil for literate client/patients

A bell


–     Protect the patient with mackintosh cape, and disposable towel

–     Wash and dry hands

–     Pick the proximal end of the catheter; making sure the suction end is not contaminated

–     Attach proximal end of catheter to the suction machine switch on the sucker

–     Occlude the catheter by doubling it against the connection

–     Insert the catheter into kthe tracheotomy as for at it can go

–     Release pressure on the catheter

–     Withdraw catheter slowly while suction is exerted

–     Clean the suction apparatus by sucking sterile water throught   the system

–     Continue suction until airway is clear of accumulated secretions

–       Rinse the catheter by sucking through jsodium bicarbonate solution

–     Disconnect catheter and place in the bowl of chlorhexidine 5%pt Hibitane 1 in 250, or Gluconate solution 1 in 250

–     Oral suction may be required in some Clint e.g. unconscious patient

–     Unconscious patient

–     Another catheter is used to suck the mouth and nose


-This is done as a routine measure.  The inner tube is removed for 3 hourly for cleaning, and boiling

–     It is washed in sodium bicarbonate using pipe cleaners or bottle brush for lumen, and then boiled for 5 minutes

–     After coring the inner tube should be inserted without delay to prevent accumulation of secretion in the lumen the outer tube


–     The changing of the outer tube should be carried out by the doctor

–     In emergency when it is pulled out e.g. coughed out scrub the patient

–     Send for medical aid

–     Quickly and gently insert a dilator into the tracheotomy to keep it open

–     The doctor completes the procedure

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