Mentoring a Nursing Student – A Good Way to Prepare Them

Aside from taking the noble profession of nursing, another noble thing that a person can do is to mentor nursing students. We often hear the term “nurses eat their young” which means that older ones do not treat the new ones well. In the perfect world, one wishes that nurses should help one another. After all, as nursing professionals, they believe in the common goal. The common goal of most is to take care of their patients.

Nursing students feel at a loss sometimes when they go out and graduate. The reason for this is that they are not properly guided by experienced and older ones. It is a sad reality but the nursing community is trying very hard to improve the practice.

Today, they look into the improvement of mentoring the nursing students. This means that experienced people could be the guide and support that students need to improve on their knowledge and skills in the job that they will take.

In nursing schools, students can learn many theories about the different procedures in nursing. But the practical approach should be done with the help of professors and nurse mentors. There are different ways to mentor the students each has different approach to help younger people.

However, the most important things to remember when mentoring are the following:

Be Comfortable and Make Them Comfortable

Mentoring will only work if both parties are comfortable with each other. One has to have complete trust and camaraderie to make the partnership a success. The older ones should remember to be patient because new nurses are still trying to make their way.

Ask Questions and Avoid Assuming

Experienced nurses should make room for questions and discussions. Communication is also a key for a good mentoring program. If the new nurses will not ask questions, then the experienced nurses should asked them to make sure that they understand about the nursing procedures and tasks.

Encourage and Support

In the past, one might think that there was not enough support from the older nurses, but that is of the past. The best way is to move forward and show the younger nurses that you are there to help and support them. That is the proactive way of helping new nurses. Mentoring can be a valuable tool to develop the skills of nurses. It adds to their confidence and they learn to love their job more because they know they have someone that they can turn to for help.

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