Checklist of Nursing Procedures for ASN Nurses

It is not a hidden secret that the ASN nurses have hectic schedules. There are simply too much tasks in a day. One has to finish them. As ASN nurses, they are expected to know the procedures and follow them to the letter. But with too many tasks at hand, the question will be are there times that they cut corners just so they can finish their tasks? Definitely, as ASN nurses, they follow the proper decorum. Since they take care of their patients they have to make sure that procedures are followed correctly for the sake of the patients and their health.

Working as If Scrutinized

This is not only strictly exclusive to the nursing profession. All professionals work as if they are always constantly watched by others. This is true as well with nurses, there are times that you work alone with patients and no one is watching. But it does not mean that you would do a less than excellent job just because of this. In fact, this is the time to do your work best because it is you who are watching yourself.

Practicing Hygiene

It is so easy just to get lost in all the things that you are doing that sometimes the basic things are neglected. Hygiene is one of the habits that should be strictly followed by all nurses. We all know that germs abide in the hospital setting thereby causing sickness that we want to avoid. Our weapon from these illnesses is our diligence in being hygienic in everything we do inside the hospital.

Reflecting on Nursing Situations

It may seem passé to do this at this day and age where everything is fast paced. But it can do nurses some good if they pause and reflect on what they did at the end of the day. This is not about self-bashing or recriminations, it is about going back to your actions and finding ways to improve on them when the situation will arise again.

Communicating with Patients

Communication is the vital ingredient in the nurse-patient relationship. The relationship may be just brief but communicating to your patients can help them understand what they are going through and what the medical procedures they are undergoing are. The simple thing as explaining to them what medicines they are taking and why they are taking them can put them at ease. So it is a must to make sure that nurses communicate with their patients.

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