Accelerated Nursing Programs: The Facets of the Opposing Sides

Health care related jobs are in demands as of today, and continuously increasing as the years pass by. In order to fill-out the increasing demand, a lot of universities are now offering accelerated degree in order to attain a diploma for the said degree program. Accelerated nursing program has been one of the programs that are being offered today by a lot of universities and colleges nationwide. The aim of this program is to finish the degree course in a shorter span of time. There are also schools that are offering the degree program in a matter of one year. Furthermore, education is now going with the flow of the technological advancement. Online courses such as nursing program are also offered. It is good news to those who want to finish the rocky and complicated course in a matter of year with their computers only. However, this offer is facing two opposing issues. As much as the advantages weigh more than its disadvantages, it must not be taken for granted. A very depth thinking before deciding if going to take the course or not, must be done like any process.

The main goal of this program is to finish the entire course in a shorter period; a matter of a year is still possible. The course actually provides the same units like taking the four year courses. The universities already postulated the time frame of the different subjects making it possible to finish the course in the desired time that one opted to. Nevertheless, the person who wishes to enroll this program has the control of his/her schedule. It is good for those who had already taken any other bachelor’s degree. As a matter of fact, this program was specially made for those degree holders.

This program allows the student to be on their most preferred places. The classes are made online. Students can see their professors through their monitors. Other nursing schools, offers minimal hours of spending time in the school campus. Like the four year course, board of directors of nursing also allowed the graduate of accelerated nursing programs to take their licensure examination. If the students passed the examination, then a license for practicing nursing will also be awarded.

On the contrary of the advantages of accelerated nursing program, this program is open for those degree holders only. However, there are exceptions that allow the undergraduates to take this program. With this short period of time, the skill of any nursing procedures will be poorly developed. The exposure to hospital to practice the desired profession or internship is less likely to happen in this program. Consequently, poor performance when being exposed in the hospital is expected. Four year topics are being jammed into a matter of one year, as a result, no extra time for any other activities will mostly likely be the picture.

With all the pros and cons that are provided in this program, it would be better to benchmark the universities that offer the program. There are offers that will give better subject schedule without harming any other activities.

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